Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ode to Chin Hair

Oh Chin Hair…Chin Hair…

Do you mean I’m wise?

Does your tiny, whiskery


mean that I have arrived?

And even though I pluck you,

you are so very dear to me…

I would not lie to you!

as dear as my

sweet ol’ Auntie be!

Oh Chin Hair…Chin Hair…

how you make me smile!

Reminding me the Lord is near,

And I’ll be with Him

(in not too long

a while!)

And most of all

my unruly friend

you tell a tale of truth

that deep inside

where growth begins…

I am so very much


So as you stretch,

In the morning sun,

and old Mr. Wrinkle

winks your way…

do not be sad, if I trim you a bit

you will be


another day.